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About Us 簡介About Us 簡介

CBCSJ is committed to the worship of God, the building up of the Christian community, and the communication to the world, of the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. more...

本教會以敬拜真神,建立基督徒大家庭及向普世傳揚耶穌基督救贖的福音為宗旨。 更多

Our Message 使命

Bringing the transforming love of Christ to a needy world. more...


Our History 歷史
Five families in Christ gathered together to pray for this vision once a week. After six months of praying, on November 15, 1975, they gathered in a home for worship. more...


Our Beliefs 信仰

Bible, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Baptism & the Lord's Communion more...

聖經, 神, 耶穌基督, 聖靈, 救恩, 浸禮與聖餐, 更多

Our Pastors 牧師

CBCSJ has three Pastors and a children ministry directormore...

聖荷西華人浸信會現有三位全職牧師和一位兒童事工主任 更多

Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ's body. We are all parts of his one body, and each of us has different work to do. more...


The Good News 好消息
How does one get to heaven?
  • Try to be a good person?
  • Believe in God or go to church?
  • Nobody knows until you actually get there ?more...


  • 做一個好人?
  • 相信神或返教會?
  • 沒有人知道,除非你已到過那裡? 更多

Seven Steps to Grow in Christ 在基督裡成長之七步曲

Step 1: Assurance of Faith, Step 2: Read the Bible, Step 3: Pray, Step 4: Attend a Church, Step 5: Build Christian Friendships, Step 6: Get Baptized, Step 7: Share Your Faith... more...

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第一步﹕信心確認, 第二步﹕讀經, 第三步﹕祈禱, 第四步﹕教會生活, 第五步﹕與基督徒建立情誼, 第六步﹕接受浸禮, 第七步﹕與人分享福音 更多


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