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If you would like to recommend any good information to be added to this web site, please share with us at

如果您想推薦其它好資訊來這網頁, 請與我們分享在


Library Staffs will introduce you NEW English and Chinese books and CD monthly.
Please check on the Library News page.

dot 圖書館職員將每月介紹您新英文, 中文書和光碟。請來看新書推介網頁。

We want to share with you some good Christian web sites and useful links, like online Bible and Bible study tools, reading material and other Christian organization.

dot 我們想與您分享一些網站和有用的工具, 好像網上聖經和聖經研究工具、讀物和其它基督徒組織。
dot Did you miss a week or just want to listen to the pastor's sermon again? You can download the sermon recordings at the Sermon link above.
dot 您錯過了主日講道或想再傾聽牧師的講道嗎? 您可在講道重溫網頁下載講道錄音。
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